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Breath Alcohol Testing Van
The B.A.T. Van
Breath Alcohol Testing Van

The B.A.T. Van (Breath Alcohol Testing Van) is outfitted with Alco-Sensor IV Breath Instrument, a Video Recording System and a Laptop Computer.  The purpose of the B.A.T. Van is to cut down on time spent processing alcohol related arrests by doing all the necessary tests and paperwork at the crime scene, thus allowing officers the use patrol time more efficiently.

HPD has acquired 6
B.A.T. Vans

To combat the drunk driving problem in the city of Houston, HPD is acquiring six Breath Alcohol Testing Vans (B.A.T. Vans) to be used as mobile Intoxilyzer units for the processing of DWI suspects.   Read more about it.

B.A.T. Van Video

This video demonstrates how HPD is utilizing this vehicle to combat DWI and help police officers save time and expense.

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